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Methylation Supplementation


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I'm curious if any of you have supplement regimens for "Methylation" support.  I've been prophylactically taking 1mg of methyl-b12 and 800mcg of methyl-folate for a few years after learning of my +/+ C677T polymorphism (among others.)  More recently, I've tacked on B1, B2, and B6 (P5P.)


I've been thinking about readdressing this stack and pulling back on everything but the b12 & b9, then maybe experimenting with trimethylglycine.


I did come across this article:



Would TMG be more likely to ferment to TMAO or promote cardiovascular disease, or might this be a health-promoting cardio-protective supplement?  Have you experimented with dialing in an ideal b-vitamin complex to address things like C677T?

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