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Peptide extends healthspan

Guest Cory

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Science Daily https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2017/03/170323141414.htm has an article 

Peptide targeting senescent cells restores stamina, fur, and kidney function in old mice


"Regular infusions of a peptide that can selectively seek out and destroy broken-down cells that hamper proper tissue renewal, called senescent cells, showed evidence of improving healthspan in naturally-aged mice and mice genetically engineered to rapidly age.


anti-senescent cell therapy could reverse age-related loss of fur, poor kidney function, and frailty. It is currently being tested whether the approach also extends lifespan, and human safety studies are being planned.


After about three weeks, fitness benefits began to show, with older mice running double the distance of their counterparts who did not receive the peptide. A month after treatment, aged mice showed an increase in markers indicating healthy kidney function."



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