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A New Poem


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Help, I need to go to the bathroom

Words I thought I would never say.

But reality finds its way into your life.

Giving you challenges that must be faced everyday.

Bringing forth new beginnings.

Machines to keep you alive.

Some will say that's life support.

I just call it life.

But that alone is not what I want.

I feel a need to contribute. 

For those who go through those events that changes life.

Mine is not a single story.

Mine is a story of thousands.

I take my path that others have lead.

But we are not the strongest of the brave.

We are the same warriors.

Fighting the battle in our own way, that is in our hearts and mind.

I let my words speak for me.

If I touch just person.

That's fine with me.

One moment at a time.

Everyone in their lives needs help.

Some are afraid to ask, some are afraid to except.

Live well and dance your underpants.

By: Patrick @alsforums

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