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Calorie restrict for ethics and faith.


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Hey Amy, sorry if my concern that you still had an eating disorder offended you.  Most in the CR society are interested in optimal health and longevity.  When you said:



 I do have concerns about my low BMI


What did you mean?  Also how low was your BMI when you were treated for anorexia?

Have you ever had a bone density test done?  If so, what is the result?

Also curious, if your goal is great health, do you mind sharing details of what you eat in a typical day (for what its worth I've posted in numerous places what I eat in a typical day, even posted pictures of sample meals).

You mentioned several times about drinking soda for example, that is a red flag to me.  You also mentioned sleeping 4 hours a day, this is another major red flag.  You also mentioned passing out, and a high heart rate.  I'm curious to know what your normal heart rate is (if you took it right now for example).


Regarding who is doing CR the "right way" - this of course is very much open to debate.  I personally don't believe that extreme calorie cutting in and of itself is key to great health or longevity, I believe content of diet is key, and not being overweight or underweight seems important based on mortality meta studies which seem to indicate the BMI range of 20-23 is ideal (based strictly on "not dying" haha). Extreme calorie restriction doesn't have much scientific evidence going for it in humans.  The "godfather" of CR, Roy Walford, died at age 79.  Primate studies were at least initially interpreted as a disappointment although they have more recently been interpreted more favorably.  Getting calories from a plant based whole (or minimally processed) food diet with much diversity, lots of nuts, whole grains, and high in total phenols, is likely to be critically important for longevity and great health.

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I have sense gained weight and have reached about 100 pounds which I am actually only about 5'2 so it is a BMI of 18.5 for me.  I am 5'2 and half at some measurements so that is why I said 5'3 but I most likely stretch for the extra half inch. Besides I seem to be eating less these days and maintaining this weight fine, i think I am usually eating under 2000 calories now and closer to 1000 to 1500.  I think maintaining a healthy BMI is important however as it has been stated. But I do believe in calorie restriction for longer life, so i believe in the low end of the BMI range. a BMI of 18 or 18.5 is about as good as it gets for women a BMI of 20 for men. I have never had a bone density test but I good muscle tone for my build. I am a small build. I plan on continuing a calorie restriction plan that allows me to maintain the low end of the BMI range. I am a supporter of calorie restriction and doing it to live longer not to be anorexic thin. I do it for ethical moral reasons and reasons associated with a longer life span.  A healthy BMI is listed as 18.5 to 25, the low end BMI is better and possibly more associated with calorie restriction and what it is after yet not everyone can maintain the low end easily. For those who are closer to a BMI of 25 fasting does help. I do two fast a week for my spiritual walk with God Jesus as well as to give my body a digestive rest, I plan on sticking to these fast long term.



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The above is all good, of course you should not do like myself of 35 years ago, went thru a fixation of being very austere, practiced extreme CR, became sick. Actually I was not practicing CR, I was slowly starving myself. No check on calories, macro and micronutrients. You should do all these checks and blood analyses as well. The cronometer app is what I use and gives you an idea on cautious requirements of nutrients.


From your standpoint of a spiritual path, this body must be kept fit to serve God and Jesus. So it's up to you to make sure that you practice dietary austerity as you see it fit, but at the same time feed the body the necessary calories (not to starve), essential fats, essential aminoacids, and all vitamins and minerals. That's a God-given responsibility.

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