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Chlorella Spirulina and extreme loss of appetite

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For the past 2.5-3 months, I've been taking chlorella spirulina tablets (https://www.amazon.com/Chlorella-Spirulina-Tablets-80-DAY-SUPPLY-Natured/dp/B00FAB10ZI/ref=sr_1_3_a_it?ie=UTF8&qid=1495738430&sr=8-3&keywords=chlorella+spirulina for the ones I'm specifically using). I started at about 8 per day in the morning, then gradually increased by the end of the first month to 15 tablets a day, which is the maximum suggested dosage.


When I started taking these, I did so in order to aid with digestion and fix heartburn issues. I hadn't yet really gotten into trying to optimize nutrition and this wasn't part of that process. This was a supplement to help some digestive issues.


After that month, my hunger began to decrease more and more. At first, I thought it was due to this beef bone broth soup that I was drinking for lunch 3-4 days a week, but I quit that entirely and the hunger loss still continued. 


I was thrilled about the hunger loss for awhile. I saw this as something to suppress appetite to the point I could make sound decisions, making it a lot easier to focus on eating foods that I like without gorging out on too much food just to be full.


Now, though, that I'm trying to ensure I have optimal nutrition as much as possible, I'm actually having an issue eating enough each day to meet nutritional needs. I had thought, oh, it's okay I'll just move foods earlier into the day, but my lunch today was impossible to eat and I won't push myself to sickness in order to eat food.


I'm not certain what to do at this point. If I scale down the number of tablets that I take each day, I risk eating too much food again and possibly making bad choices on which foods to eat (since I'd have hunger pangs happen and I'm not the best decision-maker when I have hunger pangs based on past experience). If I don't scale back the number of tablets, I'm going to have a really difficult time reaching optimal nutrition, and I'm against taking even more supplements than I do already unless absolutely necessary.


What optimal nutrition is sufficient if you cannot meet 100% per day on all vitamins and nutrients? Which supplements are overall okay to take rather than getting them in foods if you simply cannot eat sufficient quantities of food to reach optimal nutrition?


Right now, I'm taking cod liver oil (lemon-flavored), vitamin C and chromium supplements. I'd planned to take out the vitamin C, but because of this setback, I haven't put in a food item to reach 100% for that component.


I'm also daily having issues getting enough calcium and potassium even with dairy in my diet. Funny enough, the only things I don't have any issue each day eating without a struggle is cheese.



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At your stage, I would not worry AT ALL about "eating enough to meet nutritional needs".  There is one case that I know of in the scientific literature where an obese man went an entire year without eating anything and his doc reported that he was in pretty much perfect health.  Many obese people have gone a full month without eating anything (lots of youtube videos document this).  Here is a very good video worth watching in its entirety, where Ray Cronise is on day 23 of a water only fast:




Specifically at the 6 minute mark he talks about his blood panels and surprising lack of any deficiencies even after 3 weeks of not eating or taking any supplements.

I would however recommend talking to your doc about a preventive course of ursodiol (for gallstone prophylaxis during rapid weight loss).

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Guest Tom smith

As googled


Spirulina Possible Side Effects

Liver damage.

Stomach pain.





Rapid heartbeat.

Shock and even death.

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