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How to determine my goal weight?

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Whether you could do more by cutting Calories depends on whether CR works in humans or not. We don't, of course, know the answer to that question: I still think the evidence tends that way, but we're certainly in a state of greater uncertainty than we were in 2009-11.


Michael, why that? Conclusions on recent studies on monkeys or what?


... or, rather, lack of (clear) conclusions of recent studies on monkeys.

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I love this thread.  Michael I am going along with restricting energy intake to the point you find tolerable.  Within reason.  I have had great success with this, and sticking to much the same foods, all things that I love,  and I do the rotation religiously.  I think I do feel a religious bent to calorie restrictions.  Hoping for "healthgevity" rather than an extended life in general.  Thank you all for being so interested in this topic.

In my case its as if being thinner of itself  requires added calories to maintain my size, or is it that I don't want as many calories as I did when I was heavier?  No way to tell.

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@Michael R:

Well, I was on CR in order to lose weight. That's what I meant. My methods were rather radical so I had deficits big enough to actually experience symptoms of hypoglycemia now and then. Calling it a "regimen" would not really be fitting. I'd be more inclined to call it "crash dieting". It included several water-fasts of 40 to 90 hours and averaging 1050 kcal/day over a period of a month.


This means "what is tolerable" is not really a suitable approach for me as I can tolerate a lot. Only fasting for more than 50 hours regularly would be off the table. That's when the hypo was worst and I hated it for how weak and tired it made me feel.


The difference between having a goal-weight and having a calorie-limit is that I don't like counting calories every day. Having a weight that I know requires caloric-restriction to maintain means: I weigh myself in the morning and if I am above my weight-threshold I do a very-low-calorie-day (600kcal works great for those) and if I'm below I don't care and eat just like I want.


So this allows me to experimentally adjust myself to a certain calorie-intake without actual calorie-counting in order to avoid having to go back and forth between "ad liberate" and heavily restricted.


Since my last post I decided to move the goal-weight below the 64.4 kg which the formula gave me and I managed to reach it within 3 consecutive 600 kcal-days. Hypoglycemia was very mild and only occurred on the where I wanted to stop anyways.


I know that a week means nothing long term but I really think that I have a really good feeling about how much food I can eat in order to maintain my weight. And if not, it's not a problem as I'm not afraid of reapplying my methods of intervening.


I think exchanging our views about what we know about Autophagy and as in how much you can induce it and how much doing so is beneficial would probably be good for another threat. There probably already is one.

I will check out the link about the IF vs. CR-topic. I'd say that regardless of the outcome in my case, if CR is the goal, then IF is at least an awesome tool to reach that goal. Whether or not it has beneficial effects on top of that has little impact on my decision to do it.


Seeing how my calorie intake deviates quite significantly from what I could eat according to TDEE-calculators (it is about 300 kcal lower), I'm pretty confident that I'm indeed doing CR while maintaining.

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