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Does CR help current Huntington's sufferers?

Darrin Smyth

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Hello CR community,


I have thought doing CR in the past and I never seemed settled enough to seriously do it. 


I could beat around the bush with how to put this question, but I am short on time (or at least good time).


My mother was recently admitted to a nursing home by my oldest brother.  She has Huntington's Disease and was living in the community on her own after her second husband died.  I won't get into the how here.   


She inherited it from her mother.  She is in her early sixties and I am 41.  I have it now.  And, as I become more familiar with the symptoms, I believe I may have had them for a few years at least.   My mother refused treatment.   People with this condition have a somewhat proper label as "stubborn".   I can see it in myself now, too. 



So, to my original concern,  has anyone halted or reversed the damage from Huntington's or any other of the more common degenerative diseases?


I understand that originally the mice had been given the HD gene, and that a Calorie-Restricted regimen  made it so the condition never arose.  



I am also aware that through the perserverance of HD Researchers, they are in 1st year of clinical trials for a ‘huntingtin lowering’ therapy.   


I wish to pursue CR straight-away.    I am not waiting any longer.    


Do you have any thoughts?



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The top thread in this section gives very practical advise on how to start and how to determine the target weight. I cannot paste it because of script problems. 

 It's very simple, you basically have to eat healthy food in the amounts necessary to hit that goal. At this juncture it sure won't hurt. Also, you may read Dr. Greger's how nto to die book, the chapter on Alzheimer (it's not the same but it deals with remedies to neurodegenerative disease).

Last, there is another thread in this forum on boosting Brain-Derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), by proper eating, exercise, cognitive challenges and other.


You have a few weapons to fight the devil. Victory is not sure, but undisputably anything is better than just waiting for it.

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