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Autophagy with Rhonda and Guido Kroemer

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In her latest video/podcast Rhonda Patrick interviews Dr Guido Kroemer on one of her pet topucs: autophagy.


I've been listenig to the podcast while driving today, it's a really information-dense. Types of signalling, reltionship with mTOR, IGF-1, prolonged fasting and intermittent fasting.


The CR society is mentioned and one of the studies on some practitioners (members of this forum?). The study has not been specified.


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A bit more on autophagy at https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2017/08/170802092008.htm         It's not just what you eat, it's what's eating you


Olfaction appears to be important:


"If you want to extend the lifespan of any animal, after limiting their diet, you have to have functional autophagy in this animal otherwise you won't see this lifespan extending effect," said Jia. "This is especially true for autophagy in the olfactory neuron since it appears that it mediates this effect for the smell of food. Autophagy in the GI tract also is required for this lifespan extension mechanism, which indicates that the nutrients we absorb into the GI tract also regulates autophagy and in turn controls the aging process."


"We now know which molecules are responsible for the aging process and autophagy is one of these processes," said Jia. "So potentially, autophagy in the olfactory neuron, at least in the worm, can sense the food smell and then secrete neuron signals, which in turn influence the aging process."

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Really enjoyed the interview and hearing some real science, although much above my pay grade.


What I came away with:

1. Contrary to the claims of a lot of bloggers it probably takes 3  -4 days fasting to amp up autophagy in humans.

2. Blown away by all the nuances/details that are known and unknown about autophagy.

3. Rats are, indeed, much, much more sensitive to fasting/Cr than humans. Rats can lose up 20% body weight after a 48 fast.

4. Interesting details on a number of autophagy mimetics.

5. Thought the exercise increases autophagy in the nervous system not just muscle tissue but Rhonda seemed to deny this. (I thought)?

6. Guido does two 5 day fast a year.

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Randy you're right in that the interview was so information-packed that I should have taken notes (admittedly, dangerous to do it while driving!).


Going and check if there is a transcript!

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Great video.  Guido's explanations are very clear and precise.  I'm going to review it and look at some of his papers,  such as:


Coffee induces autophagy in vivo






Metabolic Control of Autophagy


PMCID: PMC4500936
Pro-autophagic polyphenols reduce the acetylation of cytoplasmic proteins

Caloric restriction mimetics: natural/physiological pharmacological autophagy inducers


PMCID: PMC4502795



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