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Green Leafy Vegetables as Staple Food

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I think you struggle with calorie counting, I’d suggest you ignore calories entirely, just eat a wide variety of whole plant foods including every type you can tolerate- sweet potatoes, beans, nuts, fruits, veges, whole grains. Eat until you feel full.  If possible set strict times of day that you will eat, for example only from 10AM to 7PM, your body will adjust to this so you aren’t hungry during the non-eating window. 

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Eating fiber-based food to satiety like Gordo suggests is a good strategy to limit calories naturally.

For weight loss purposes, usually, plenty of fibers and plenty of protein are suggested. Both are satiating with moderate energy input.

On the other side, some foods like, potatoes are very satiating and people have lost weight by a potatoes monodiet. That does not constitute an optimization though.

Another strategy: a vegan ketogenic diet based on vegetables and avocadoes, both very satiating. You may include tofu, proteic and satiating. 

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They're the staple of Mike Lustgarten's diet

They're also the staple of my diet. i eat like 3-5 lbs of veggies per day.

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