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The Edge of Medicine and Ageing - David Sinclair

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The video seemed like a waste of time to me.


He says "[Calorie Restriction] works in all organisms" - uhh no, actually, it doesn't.  In fact it doesn't even work in most types of mice.  Its even debatable if it works in primates despite his slides on that, but if it does, the results are not all that spectacular compared to a healthy diet and BMI except for perhaps a small number of "lucky" exceptions (if you can call sitting in a small cage and starving in isolation for decades lucky).


Skip to 34 mins in if you want to watch him plug "Inside Tracker" (where he is a board member) for blood testing to track biomarkers of health, get AI based recommendations, and get estimates of biological age based on things like "blood sugar, inflammation, testosterone".  Nothing new there.  He says his age estimate improved dramatically after taking metformin and NMN.  But he was pre-diabetic when he started this.  His 78 year old Dad who is taking the same magic pills is climbing mountains.


Pretty much just "Life Extension Magazine" type product pimping and hopes of something better to come, but if your blood sugar sucks, get some metformin or grow some NADs and have some MNMs while you wait for some synthetic resveratrol big pharma will pump out soon for treating skin disorders.


This is the second anti-aging video I watched today that was worthless, but I liked the other one more for some reason, maybe because it was shorter:


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