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Exrteme proliferation & growth


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Riccardo Piana (better known as Rich Piana) was a former bodybuilder and social media star, very well known for his youtube videos often portraying his supermassive supertatooed body. He deceased recently in August 2017. In this video, 2 years ago, he warns kids about the use of growth factors and the damage he suffered.


It is very interesting to listen from a self-experimenter the dranatic deleterious effects of the use of GH, IGF-1 and insulin on organs. Proliferation and growth of muscle tissue and all internal organs, even guts. Everything we already know from teh sceintific literature stands absolutely true in the real world.



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Mccoy, thanks for those vids.  Adverse effects of exogenous hormones have been well known for quite some time.  I suspect there's more to it than just the dosing, such as creating unnatural balances among the hormones.  For example growth hormone is naturally stimulated by low blood glucose and one of its effects is to raise the blood glucose level.  Injecting large amounts of growth hormone while carb loading has been found to result in diabetic levels of blood glucose in people that were previously metabolically healthy.  Although mainstream medicine doesn't focus on it nearly as much there is increasing evidence that hyperinsulinemia is a big problem too and combining exogenous insulin and GH together likely only compounds the problems.


I've recently been semi-fasting except for a single daily evening meal that is 40 to 50 g of protein, heavy in BCAAs and methionine, with negligible carbohydrate and not much fat.  The goal being to keep blood sugar very low and thus insulin very low much of the day but to spike insulin and further drop blood sugar such that in the first hours of sleep when GH naturally peaks to provoke a stronger response.  I'm doing this in combination with brief intense resistance training followed by deep heat stress of a very hot 120+ F bath for 20+ minutes to bring body temp up to 104 - 106 F before going to sleep.  I also do a morning cold bath for all of the reasons so thoroughly documented here in the CE thread.  The combination is working well for me with rapidly improving body composition both fat loss and muscle gain.  I'm planning on continuing this until Oct. 21st when I have a 2nd dexa scan and super thorough blood work up scheduled to document the results since July 21st (was only semi-fasting 3 days/week the 1st two monhs) before attending a conference Nov. 7th on my neuro-muscular wasting disease, SBMA, attended by many of the leading researchers of the disease.


Hopefully, endogenously produced GH has less severe repercussions, though in my case the loss of my metabolic health nearly killed me before I started this phase of self experimentation over a year ago.  Even if I over do my recovery and eventually die from a heart attack I'm still way ahead, probably both in days, but especially in the quality of life lived.

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Todd, your situation is kind of unique in that you are being sort of your own lab rat now, but in my ignorance of that disease, the results have been exceptionally good, hope it goes on like that and I agree, better to die while being active than helplessly weakened by the illness, pls keep us posted on your efforts.


Rich Piana has created an outrageous image of which he himself became captive, but he's been one of the few to be pretty honest with the use of perforance enhancers.


Competitive bodybuilding today has reached freakish pinnacles of muscle mass which do require extreme abuse on the body. They look like those lab animals without the genetic expression of myostatine. Those who survive are the strongest and they often remain in precarious health. Old bodybuilders like Frank Zane are being re-evaluated like an example of aesthetism which has been lost in the quest for 

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Yes, there is no sure cause of death, although some suspect a stroke due to the brain anomalies observed.


Sure he based his internet persona upon the extreme and the outrageous (have you seen the vid of his marriage? Xtreme bad taste!).


His example unfortunately reminds us that the human body is not geared for extremes and thrives on moderation in all fields.


We may further the discussion saying that occasional extremes may provide an hormetic stressor. But only when they are occasional.


My thought also goes to Wim hof and cold exposure. But I'm going to expose this in the proper thread.

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