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Buying nuts now -- fall (northern) harvest times?


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Hi everyone,


Has anyone checked with nuts.com or any other of our favorite nut sources to find out when nuts from the northern hemisphere fall harvest will be available? (Varies by nut of course.)


I can report that David at Sun Organic Farm says they'll have the 2017 harvest almonds by the end of this coming week.


Haag Farm has "wet walnuts" available now. Normal, shelled, dried walnuts are probably a few weeks away.


Hazelnuts tend to be quite a bit later, right?





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I wonder why that difference, by a quick search I understood that the industrial harvesting takes place from late August to fall, nuts still up on the branches, but in my case end of August most nuts where on the ground, same for areas in higher elevetaions, maybe it's the shrub-like plant which si not amenable to industrial usage.


I too, a nuts & seeds buff myself,  am looking forward to the new walnuts harvest, October-November here. 


Nuts diversification is a topic which would deserve its own thread. 

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