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Age X, Inc. (with Michael West and Aubrey de Grey)


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Oh, no! Not another Silicon Valley biotech ...



AgeX Therapeutics, Inc. is a biotechnology company formed in 2017 as a subsidiary of BioTime, Inc (NYSE MKT: BTX). Its mission is to apply technology related to cell immortality and pluripotency to human aging and age-related disease. The Company’s technology platform has three facets: Pluripotent stem cell-derived progenitor cell lines representing over 200 types of cells in the body (PureStem technology); HyStem matrices; and induced tissue regeneration (iTR) - the latter being an emerging technology directed at inducing the immortal regeneration of tissues in the body.


Seriously, I think the sheer number of similar-themed companies or organizations is confusing. 


IAC here's a video of a dialog between MW and AdG. Watch for the well-done animation graphics.


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