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16 Unknown Benefits Of Orange Oil


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Preparation of Orange Peels Sample

The collected sample of orange peels is cleaned and pith is manually separated from the outer coloured part of the peels. That is because of the reason that the majority of the oil in oil sac present in them. This is then preheated at a temperature of 45 0C and kept for two hours.

Constituents of orange peel:

Vitamins: Vitamin C, A, B5, B6.

Minerals: calcium, Iron, magnesium, zinc, copper, potassium, phosphorous.

Pigments: B-Carotene.

What Are The Benefits of Orange Oils?

Orange essential oil has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-depressant, aphrodisiac, andantiseptic properties. All these properties make it beneficial for numerous purposes.

Orange oil contains the highest percentage of limonene as well as other natural compounds like citronellal, myrcene, neral, geraniol, alphapinene, sabinene, andlinalool. D-Limonene is the main component of the essentialoiland is the important extract that provides the most beneficial properties when used in herbal medicine andaromatherapy.

Benefits To Pain Of Orange Oil

It is antispasmodic in nature and hence widely used in treating spasms that cause a lot of discomfort, such as convulsions, continuous coughing, muscle cramps, and diarrhea. Add 2 to 3 drops of Orange sweet oil in your bath tub for treating inflammation and spasms.

Massaging the affected area with 2 drops of Orange sweet oil blended with coconut oil can grantin stant relief from pain ful spasm salong with external and internal inflammations.

The orange oil is very effective in relieving pain caused by rheumatism. The pain can cure the affected area when it is felt.

Benefits To The Skin Of Orange Oil

It has a number of beauty benefits. It increases the production of collagen, which is necessary forthe health of the skin. It reduce spuffiness and removes finelines from the skin. This oil discourages the formation of wrinkles, and hence delay saging. It promotes blood flow towards the skin and brings a natural radianceto it.

Sweet orange essential oil has a handful of benefits to the skin when added to your regular skin care creamorlotions. Massaging your skin gently with 2 drops of Orange sweet oil blended with mild carrier oil like jojoba oil can help in treating acne, skin irritation, microbialinfections, wounds, cuts, abrasion sand dermatitis with it santiseptic properties.

As a natural skin energizer, Orange sweet oil penetrates deeply into the pores and supports the formation of collagen in the skin. This helps in augmenting the elasticity of the skin, reduceswrinkles, remove sexcessoil, improves skin complexion and grants a never before brighter, fairer, spotless, healthy and glowing skin.

Adding 2 drops of Orange sweet oil in luke warm bathing water or in facial steam helps in refreshing and revitalizing your skin and aids in fighting the symptoms of aging.


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Welcome to the forum alyeva and thanks for the lowdown on orange oil.By the way, limonene is a monociclic terpene, and we have discussed these health boosting phytochemicals in a few posts. I'm an avid collector of terpenes, they are stored for only a limited time though, then they go straight down my digestive system.


I eat limonene by chewing the skin of oranges and lemons. To my surprise, at the grocery store I talked to a couple of people who routinely eat the skin of oranges. I thought that was something done only by the members of this forum!

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