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Newbie Using CRON -O-Meter


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I am brand new to CR. But I am familiar with similar nutrient-dense eating styles (Eat to Live, McDougall, etc.). I've started keeping a food diary with CRON-O-Meter. I really like the way it tracks all the different nutrients. But, I'm confused by some of the targets that my profile generated.


I'm 56 years old and need to lose about 50 lbs to reach my young adult set point. So I set my weight loss goal at 2 lbs per week which I didn't think was unreasonable. The CRON-O-Meter has established my daily caloric net intake goal as 802 - 882. Seriously? I don't see how I could possibly achieve that.


I realize I need to step up my activity level. My lifestyle is pretty sedentary. But even eating healthfully--mostly fruits and veggies and no processed food, I end up consuming around 1500 calories per day and still feel a little hungry between meals. So, according to this, I would need to exercise to burn off 700 calories per day. That's walking briskly for 2 hours--something which I have neither the time nor the fitness level to do at this point. Am I missing something? Or is this really what it takes to follow this plan successfully?


Any guidance would be appreciated. :)

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Hope this helps...


1. Enjoy that feeling of slight hunger you have between meals...its a sign your body is using stored energy, if you are ravenously hungry its a bad sign...learn to discern the difference.


2. Increase water intake after all meals


3. Exercise is no substitute for CR but it's complimentary and beneficial. If you can walk twice daily and divide an hour walk into two half hour walks the benefits are greater. It will keep your metabolism raised for longer post exercise. Try one walk of 30 mins slow and the other 30 fast. Slow walking is inefficient and yet will not wear you out, little benefit to aerobic improvement but a great calorie burner it's nick named NEAT Non Exercise Aerobic Training. Look it up. If you are sweating your going to fast!

If you make the second walk a quick paced workout you will gain the benefits of a aerobic and if u push fast enough anaerobic exercise. sweating required.


4. Sleep well, quality sleep is essential to ensure your body and mind are healed, repaired and ready for the next day... It's essential for success.


5. Don't over restrict when you first start...1lb fat lost gently is better than 4lbs lost quickly...it's fat you need to lose not lean tissue...


Hope you have every success and achieve




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