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Can extremely high levels of fiber inhibit calories/nutrients absorbed from other foods?

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You are overthinking things.  Anyway, its not fiber per se, that is beneficial, its that foods associated with good health and longevity are also high in fiber.  If there is some magic food that is low in fiber but also associated with great health and longevity, I don't know what it is.

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enough fiber can occupy space that other nutrients/calories would otherwise be occupying? or push that fecal matter through faster?


That was a doubt I myself entertained, but apparently there is no conclusive literature reference on that. On the other side literature reccomends +10% protein RDA for vegan, due to the allegedly lower availability of plant-based protein (protein enclosed in a vegetable-cells matrix), and that maybe due to the associated fiber.


Sure enough, when a very high quantity of fiber is ingested by people who are not accustomed to it, loose stools may ensue and that would diminuish the food absorption.


Last but not least, if you mean physical space, of course an higher volume of fiber occupies more gastric room than an isoenergetic low-fibers food quantity and so may tend to satiate more (even though the brain signal of satiety is related to nutrient themselves and not only volume, but volume plays a significant role).

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