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Has anyone had their methylation age measured?


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Thank you for this Gordo. Josh is an amazing guy... eons ago, when there was just the CR email list, Josh was briefly active, and always very interesting. His blog is an absolute treasure. The methylation age test seems intriguing, but I'd like a bit more color on it, as the report that I saw in the comments from one of the readers who took the test, seems somewhat confusing and underwhelming... in other words, the idea is absolutly fantastic, but the implementation in the test may not be ready for prime time just yet. I don't have the background to evaluate the technical merits of the test as it is implemented at the moment, but I'd love it if someone who is more qualified could chime in... MR? I'm going to follow this very closely, because if this checks out, I'd absolutely be onboard with getting tested (plus I'm chomping at the bit to try rapa). Thank you again, Gordo for bringing this up.

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“Speaking before Horvath at the same conference, Jim Watson claims there are many supplements and medications that can slow the Horvath clock. The one he focuses on is metformin, which, he says, has epigenetic effects via an entirely different pathway from lowering blood sugar (the purpose for which it has been prescribed to tens of millions of diabetics”


Quoted from the mittledorf blog mentioned in this trhead. It looks more and more like we ALL SHOULD BE TAKING METFORMIN!!!


My overweight long time former smoking father in law just turned 90. He is amazingly vital,vibrant. Incredibly so. He has been on metformin for 20 years and he eats a typical american junk diet and never ever exercised!!!

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It's interesting to observe all the mechanisms by which metformin underactivates mTOR, for example by AMPK activation and IGF-1→PIK3→Akt attenuation:


Anti-tumor activity of metformin: from metabolic and epigenetic perspectives


AFAIK, Met is considered a relatively safe but not usually powerful life prolonging drug, whereas rapamycine is considered a potentially unsafe, but very powerful one. An issue of risk optimization, or risk appetite as sometimes they like to define it. 






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