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What would combining metformin with BHB feel like? Also, what does taking > 42 g of BHB at once feel like? Is there a ma


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I already feel "interesting", which is a good sign of something? Also, how does ketosis affect mTOR signalling and testosterone? Is it also easier to meditate intensely during keto?


does eating an orange ruin it, and how do I reduce cravings for oranges while on this?

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what does taking > 42 g of BHB at once feel like


Never took it, so I have no clue, it is probably not a prudent strategy to go overboard with anything.




how does ketosis affect mTOR signalling and testosterone


mTOR signaling, should be theoretically downregulated, providing that little protein is taken, as it should be in a real ketogenic diet. Amminoacids down and IGF-1 down together with AMPK up (glucose acts on IGF-1 and AMPK) would mean a brutal downregulation of mTOR.

The nutrient signal given by fat is not clear, the experiments on rats showed some effect on mTOR but mechanistically there is not an explanation, I should research if more material is available on that.


The effects on testosterone: free T is brutally downregulated, since IGF-1 plummets down, IGFBP-1 plummets up together with SHBG, the latter binds T and causes the sudden decrease in the free, readily available form of T.


I experimented this effect, libido dissolved completely. I found the explanation in the words of Dr. Peter Attia, who himself evidently experienced the same effect during his ketogenic stints. Maybe after some time a new balance is reached with free T rising again but I interrupted the regimen before that.


I also slowly but constantly lost weight, which is a sign of mTOR downregulation. I didn't wish to loose weight (which was partly lean mass weight) so I interrupted my low carb experiment.

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Well, I did notice an unusually high glucose level (120 => 140 after chickpeas/apple) in response to the combo once..



My model of what happened today is that the combination of supplements you used plus undereating broke your metabolism in such a way that the nerve cells weren't getting energy they could use (metformin suppressing ability to use fat, and BHB suppressing ability to use carbs). Which would in theory produce hypoglycemia-like symptoms even if there wasn't actual hypoglycemia.
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