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wrong URL ranking (seo)


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Hi all!


I'm having a persistent issue which I believe started after I changed my Wordpress themes. 

Basically, the featured image is sometimes ranking instead of the actual post. Sometimes google figures it out and starts ranking the post again, but then I'll check the SERP's and my post has disappeared.


It appears to be mostly happening to my CR site. I've "no indexed" images, and a few weeks ago I changed a setting to disable media attachment pages (those were the ones which were ranking).


I'm guessing that it will correct itself over time now I've done these settings? Maybe it's changing back and forth because it's pulling results from different Google servers.


I wonder what it's caused by though... Perhaps my image titles were too similar to the post title?


Or an issue with the free theme I'm using

I think I should probably get a premium one... any ideas? I heard x theme is good.


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X theme was suggested by the guys at homeschool.com, who say that a simple wordpress theme may give troubles like the ones you are mentioning.

But recently they changed the suggestion with their project 24 cycle. I'm not sure what it is now though, I'm enetertaining the idea to enroll but too busy right now.


These are the relevant points that maybe are pertinent to your case




  1. Delete All the Plugins and Install These Ones.  Plugins are just little software programs that add features to your WordPress website.  Wordpress already comes installed with a few plugins and you really don’t need them.  So delete them.

    On your WordPress dashboard, on the left side menu, go to “Plugins” and click on “Installed Plugins”.  On this page, you can check the box next to each plugin and then, using the drop down that says “Bulk Actions”, select “Delete”.  Confirm that this is indeed what you want to do.

    Now, go to the top of the Plugins page and click “Add New”.  The page to add plugins has a search box.  Type each of these into the search box and install and activate the following plugins.


    1. Google Analytics by ShareThis
    2. Pretty Links by Blair Williams (not the paid pro version, the free one)
    3. Spam Honeypot by Matthew Turland
    4. Yoast SEO by Team Yoast
    5. Amazon Affiliate Link Globalizer by Attila Gyoerkoes, Markus Goetz (Woboq)
  2. Install a Good Theme.  A WordPress theme is basically the framework for making your site look awesome.  The theme determines the layout, fonts, and functionalities.

    There are many free WordPress themes.  Some even come pre-installed.  DON’T use these free themes.  They often have issues with plugins that can bring down your site.  And they aren’t very versatile or customizeable.

    There are lots of great premium themes out there that aren’t that expensive.  Our favorite that we use on all of our sites is called X Theme.  Click here to see current pricing and decide if this theme might be right for your site.
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I ended up buying a new theme for my hair site on theme forest. 


I wish I had stopped being so cheap and bought one a long time ago lol.  :lol:  Cost around $60, but everything looks so much better! And there are plenty of options to mess around with to get it looking how you want as well...


I'll probably update my CR site soon as well now. 


Yeah I know about X Theme. Apparently, it's getting a bit bloated. I like to have it pretty clean and simple, and not too bloated. The faster the site loads, the better for conversions.

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