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Killing For Profit - at the European Parliament

Todd Allen

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Terrible. But actually, in many ways, a lot worse than even this presentation shows. I was always somewhat skeptical about pharma drugs based upon a steady drumbeat of such stories, but a few years ago, I became even more skeptical if possible - that was due to the fact that a relative of a friend of mine stopped working in med research labs, and told us over Thanksgiving (a few years ago), about the exact reasons she quit. She worked for several different labs that conducted trials, and she was so troubled by what she saw, that she just could not go on. According to her, there is incredibly extensive "massaging" of the process in order to push the targetted drug along the process by hook or by crook. It involves not only tricks like the one exposed in this video, of essentially dropping enrolled patients who showed side effects, but doing so far along in the process and not reporting it! Furthermore, according to her, there is outright fraud that's not just marginal, but central to the process. And this is for companies and trials that have not been publicly exposed, and therefore the situations you hear about, are in actuality just a tip of the iceberg. According to her, this is so extensive, that she has not been able to find a lab that did not engage in this, as every single one she worked at did it. The bottom line, the process is profoundly broken.


The other thing is for folks like us on this board, who enjoy reading research papers. Whatever the problems are as illuminated in this video, it goes twice as much - or five times as much - for research that comes out of dodgy countries in Eastern Europe or crucially China. In fact, the extensive fraud in Chinese medical reasearch is at such high levels, that you would be strongly advised to simply ignore any paper that comes out of China, as odds are it's 100% unreliable. Tons and tons of such research is also done for purely commercial reasons, where they identify some substance and a supposed "benefit" and then quickly look to monetize it through supplements which don't even need the paltry drug trial standards. By the way, this practice is widespread in the West too - notably that (in my opinion) huckster, Dr. Sinclair of resveratrol fame, who published some rat studies and then quickly established a drug company centered around resveratrol and raked in a fortune in stock and eventual sale. Now he's on to the next substance to repeat the process. All the while helped by massive hype in the press.


Friends, we should be highly skeptical about all such research. Where there's a dollar to be made and professional position to be obtained, you will find fraud and abuse. We - the consumers - are a highly motivated group: who doesn't want to live longer, or at least avoid disease? Almost everyone, that's who - and we are often desperate. Combine this desperate demand, with hucksters who are willing to fill that demand with dodgy pills, and you have a firestorm of economic activity, with no benefit and often detriment to our health.


As the wise old saying goes: caveat emptor. You must take responsibility for your own health, do your own research, and don't simply blindly follow some doc's suggestions. CAVEAT EMPTOR!

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