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Lithium in Drinking Water vs. Incidence of Dementia

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Way back in the Mailing List days, supplementing with lithium orotate was sometimes brought up.


A brief mention in pop-sci (Discover magazine, May 2018) alluded to some possible benefits, as per this study:




Note the relatively large sample population (> 800,000).


Conclusions and Relevance

Long-term increased lithium exposure in drinking water may be associated with a lower incidence of dementia in a nonlinear way; however, confounding from other factors associated with municipality of residence cannot be excluded.



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Hi Kashimi!


It's possible that lithium in drinking water in minimal amounts might have such effects. It's been known for a long time

that Lithium ions affect the brain; psychiatrists sometimes prescribe Lithium to treat bipolar disorder. So Li+ -- in very

small amounts -- might have such an effect.


OTOHH, different cities vary widely in the amounts of dissolved minerals. For example, NYC water is extremely low in most minerals;

and the drinking water in Rochester, NY is "hard" -- high in minerals.


There have been previous studies suggesting that "hard" water has advantages.


I certainly wouldn't advise supplementing Li+.


-- Saul

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