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Personal CRISPR diagnosis kit using your smartphone


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"Called Mammoth Biosciences, the company is working on a credit card-sized paper test and smartphone app combo for disease detection."


"The tech would work similarly to a pregnancy test — except that instead of using urine to tell you whether you’re pregnant, it can use urine, blood, or saliva to tell whether you have a sexually transmitted infection or a particular strain of the flu. (The test could detect multiple diseases at once, Martin says.) The fluorescent signal or color change on the paper test would be analyzed by a smartphone app. You take a photo of the results, and the app tells you what you tested positive for. At least, that’s the idea.

The company has some “working prototypes,” Martin says. “We’re moving to commercialize it quickly and have it available in the next few years.” Martin won’t say how much the at-home tests will cost, but the technology will be “accessible and affordable,” he says."

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