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nuclear lamina wrinkles

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Science Daily has an article about possibly reversing aging by reducing wrinkles in the nuclear membrane.  https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2018/05/180529103541.htm


It suggests that effects of aging may be the result of the nuclear membrane developing wrinkles as we age.


... the location of our DNA inside the cell's nucleus is critically important. Genes that are turned off are shoved up against the nuclear membrane, which encases the nucleus. But with age, our nuclear membranes become lumpy and irregular, and that prevents genes from turning off appropriately.


When your nuclear membrane is no longer functioning properly, it can release the DNA that's supposed to be turned off,


The membrane wrinkling stems from a lack of a substance called lamin, a cellular protein that comes in various forms.





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Interesting. This "nuclear wrinkling" may be a factor affecting aging.


Probably this is only one of many pathways that mediate aging; and these pathways probably very in intensity according to tissue type, and undoubtedly are affected by genetic and epigenetic factors (including diet and exercise) as well.

Lots we don't know.


As we know, there is evidence that CRAN improves both healthspan and both average and maximal lifespan in a wide variety of organisms -- hopefully including humans.


(Of course, if so, the positive effects vary greatly from individual to individual, and tissue type to tissue type, depending on a host of factors.


-- Saul

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