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Valter Longo yet another (interesting) podcast

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On 6/6/2018 at 4:19 PM, mccoy said:

Valter Longo must be one of the most interviewed guys in the latest coupla years.


I just listened to the stemtalk interview (Ken Ford is usually biased on the ketogenic diet, but he's been evidently able to overcome this bias), where new aspects on his proposals are underlined: IGF-1 and its sweet spot, local and general IGF-1. No coffe when fasting and when on his FMD.


One pretty interesting issue is that about the 'phantom carbon sources', nutrients which are utilized by the body but not recognized as nutrients. Fibers? Else?


I googled  'phantom carbon sources' but found no relevant results so far .



Thanks for the video!

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6 hours ago, Daniel Calvo Carmona said:

Thanks for the video!

Hi Daniel, welcome in the forum!

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