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Blue Zone Cities


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BBC did a story on communities (27 so far) in the U.S. that are trying to adopt elements of the Blue Zone spots to prolong local life/health span. Special focus on Naples, Florida:




One interesting claim: since they adopted some of these principles, their health costs declined by 53% in a few years. FWIW.

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Read the book by Dan Buettner who has been working with local authorities on such projects, trying to import all aspects present in the blue zones, even the tribal-like friendship. I didn't know they were so many though. The idea apparently works because that's an all-community effort; when everyone does a thing it's much easier to adopt it. Even local stores change their food stocks to accomodate the new setup.

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I like this idea, would like to know more about how they get an entire community on board.  My summary:


Desired Outcome: Communities that live a long time, avoid chronic disease, and die quick and painlessly ;)


The Simple Steps are:


Drink a glass of red wine per day.

Find a purpose in life (if you need help, go to a "discover" class).

Eat plant based meals.

Get & stay active.

Get religion (spiritual beliefs).

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