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Dr. Greger's Latest Video: The Forced Swim Test (*warning)


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Here is Dr. Greger's latest video in the world of nutritional science. Don't let the name 'Coconut Water and Depression' mislead you. Watching a video like this is profoundly disturbing on so many levels. Misallocation of research funds, animal abuse, misreporting of research, and much more.


Take a look, but first a warning, you may find it disturbing.

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It's surprising to see how research can be deranged in some areas. Derangement of course is due to accepted protocols, familiarity with weird lab practices and the need to provide publications for the furthering of one's own career or the manteinance of the job.


To us outsiders it seems like insanity, as Dr. Greger rightly points out. Correlating rat's intensity of struggle not to drown to human depression? Maybe strongly depressed people have to struggle daily not to yield to negativity and maybe suicide, but that's a long term war, not a sudden danger situation, which releases stress hormones, glucose and so on. The stress effects, even to the layman, are known to be different, huge spike in one case, chronic more moderate release in the other.

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