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[NEW] Rhonda Patrick interviews Valter Longo on Fasting and rejuvenating the immune system

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I continue to be disappointed that none of Longo's work that I've noticed has results stratified by BMI or any correlates such as various blood markers (CRP, etc.). In most cases the control rodents are ad-lib and the control humans are on average normal people in our culture who on average eat pretty close to Standard American Diet---i.e., both species of controls are not particularly healthy. And given Rhonda's readership/listenership, I continue to be disappointed that she doesn't press him on the question of how much benefit is there to someone who already does a bunch of what she recommends in terms of healthy lifestyle.

How much benefit is there to FMD or IF for those with a BMI of say 22.5 who eat a mostly whole-foods, plant-based diet whose biomarkers are mostly good (eg most of the way to Fontana's profile of CR even if not all the way in CR)?

I buy that there are some benefits for cancer avoidance to getting glucose super low and ketones up temporarily every now and then, but it's hard to swallow any all-cause mortality overall quantification of benefits of any variants of fasting with controls that are to my mind artificially unhealthy. I get that those controls are appropriate if you are trying to help the majority of typical Americans, but I assume that for the community of these forums and for Rhonda's followers a different baseline should be considered.

Now I haven't dug into the details of all of Longo's work or all work on various forms of fasting and time-restricted eating, so if someone knows of some data that compares to healthier baseline controls, I'd love a pointer.


BTW, this is a broader disappointment I have with Rhonda's interviews that applies to other topics as well (and is feedback I have only just recently shared with them). For example, I wish she had pursued the question of how much benefit saunas / heat-therapy provides relative to a similar amount of sweating exercise as the control rather than just sitting around. I assume that there is some overlap in the pathways mediating the health-positive effects of saunas vs exercise and thus that the addition of sauna use would not be purely additive on top of the more basic healthy lifestyle factors (good diet + exercise + sleep + not smoking) at the level indicated by most of the studies (whose controls probably don't achieve even that basic mix of healthy lifestyle).

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kpfleger, AFAIK the only aspect Longo insists upon is that healthy individuals only need a FMA once or twice each year. he doesn't provide quantitative data though, as far as I remember.

Dr Joel Khan, the cardiologist and vegan activists, is very lean and healthy but practices FMD once each month. He's an enthusiast of Longo's FMD so I must guess he finds it beneficial even if he's so health conscious. Again, he provided no quantitative details.

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