In this thread I'd like to post some considerations upon the cases of a couple of perfect human specimens who happen to follow a plant-based diet. They are of course genetically endowed for muscular development and follow an intense regimen of resistance exercise but the considerations stand very interesting and potentially useful. Case#1: Torre Washington, IFBB Pro bodybuilder, presently engaged in men's physique contests, where the target is a very muscular yet proportional and sculpted physique. He's 38, 5'7" tall, vegan since 1988, uses no steroids, no other supplements (not even creatine, BCAAs, protein powders). I've been listening to some interviews and watching some clips and he really seems genuine. Unless he's a consummate actor and scammer. My judgment is that he's genuine. He's not freakishly huge as the drug-enhanced pros. Weight: 162 lbs minimum, 175 on stage (73 to 79 kg).