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"I hear you're on a special diet"


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I thought I'd share two experiences with you, both of which happened in very different places.

On returning to teach my two courses at the University of Rochester, Dept of Mathematics after several Jewish Holidays, a much younger (healthy and overweight) female colleague and friend of mine, who is a differential geometer, said "I hear you're on a special diet".  I responded, "That's true."  She then hoped to get some information about it.  I responded positively -- it won't be easy, but I might try to explain CRON to her -- that's quite complicated, since we all have such different diets.

Then, about two days later, while changing into gym clothes in my gym, I was approached by an extremely old person, who looked like a near-death alcoholic, who I didn't recognize; he said "I hear you're on a special diet".  Apparently (he seemed to claim) we're about the same age, and he knew me from before.  I mentioned "Calorie Restriction".  He said "that must be hard to do".  I gave him the URL "crsociety.org".  I doubt that he'll do anything.

I'm 79, exercise vigorously for 1/2 - 1 hr. most days, and continue to be optimistic and cheerful, and enjoy my work at the UR Math Dept.  I'm the oldest member of the UR Math Dept, and in excellent shape.

I'm an example of how CR, ON and EX helps one to maintain vitality.

I was especially impressed that in two hugely different venues, I was asked the same question; I thought I woiuld share with you.

  --  Saul

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