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New CR focused Video from Prof. Luigi Fontana - Promoting health & longevity through diet - Nov 2018


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He just published this very nice lecture yesterday.  

13:44 CR in primates

25:30 talks about CALERIE study

29:02 he specifically mentions the CR Society and shows a before/after pic and biomarkers of one member (who is this?)

36:55 talks about the importance of increasing adiponectin and especially the importance of reduced core body temperature as a biomarker for longevity

38:00 skeletal muscle profile on CR, importance of downregulation of IGF-1

43:40 Side effects of chronic severe CR - how to know if you are overdoing CR

44:30 It is NOT TRUE that the more CR the better. Talks about study showing how 40% CR did not result in increased longevity for 2/3rds of the subtypes of mice tested. 20% CR is optimal for many strains of mice.  Biomarkers are key for determining what the optimal CR level is.   You must have sufficient energy to promote longevity.

46:15 Used to think it was just about the calories, but now we know that is NOT true.  Composition of diet is important, meal timing is important - CR with eating all day does not result in longevity in mice (50:00)

51:10 Discusses ongoing human intermittent fasting clinical trial

53:40 Importance of low protein / methionine restriction for longevity independent of CR (blocks tumor development)

59:25 You should eat around 10% protein ("a calorie is not a calorie", "stay away from low carb or ketogenic diets")

1:04:20 Talks about the gut microbiome.  Diet reliably and rapidly changes the gut microbiome, protein intake and fiber are key, the more diversity of vegetables you eat the better your gut microbiome, which results in reduced inflamation (related to short chain fatty acids). Eat legumes, whole grains, and lots of vegetables.

1:10:50 Your gut microbiome impacts your physiologic response to CR

1:13:00 Describes other pieces of the health/longevity puzzle he will talk about in a future lecture: exercise, breathing and rate of respiration, sleep, meditation, phytochemicals, cognitive training

1:18:00 Future of medicine is prevention.  Reducing mental stress, sedentary lifestyle, excessive calorie intake, and poor diets are key.

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If you are interested in a paper he wrote that discusses much of this it is:

Promoting Health and Longevity through Diet: From Model Organisms to Humans

Luigi Fontana and Linda Partridge

They include a nice table that breaks down the various 'types' of dietary restriction (Time Restricted Feeding, Intermittent Fasting, Selective Amino Acid Restriction, High Fiber) and the resulting effects ultimately on Health & Longevity.


The Abstract:


Reduced food intake, avoiding malnutrition, can ameliorate aging and aging-associated diseases in invertebrate model organisms, rodents, primates, and humans. Recent findings indicate that meal timing is crucial, with both intermittent fasting and adjusted diurnal rhythm of feeding improving health and function, in the absence of changes in overall intake. Lowered intake of particular nutrients rather than of overall calories is also key, with protein and specific amino acids playing prominent roles. Nutritional modulation of the microbiome can also be important, and there are long-term, including inter-generational, effects of diet. The metabolic, molecular, and cellular mechanisms that mediate both improvement in health during aging to diet and genetic variation in the response to diet are being identified. These new findings are opening the way to specific dietary and pharmacological interventions to recapture the full potential benefits of dietary restriction, which humans can find difficult to maintain voluntarily.


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