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Michael R

CR in the Media: "Calorie Diets Could Extend Life Span And Delay Disease, Researchers Say" | NBC Nightly News

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Features me, Matthew "Oki" O'Connor (VP for Research at SENS Research Foundation) and Tristan Bettencourt, a CR practitioner who was active on the old CRS Listserv from the 1990s to the early 2000s. Also has Dr. Roz Andersen, who heads up the WNPRC nonhuman primate CR study. Not bad, albeit a bit lightweight, aside from the git doctor at the end who said CR works by slowing one's metabolic rate, which it most certainly does not.

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"It's best to ask your doctor how to work off all that turkey and dressing"

Seriously?  😉

Michael, whats going on with your voice?

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