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Hype Hucksters and Life Extension


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Man, oh man! Does this article check off all the boxes for me - holy Moses!

It exposes the hucksters such as David Sinclair, whom I've denounced as a huckster for years and years now. It exposes how the hype machine works inflating claims for dubious supplements for the sole benefit of the wallets of the promoters and sellers. HYPE, HYPE, HYPE - something I've been combatting every chance I get, often to the irritation of even people on this board. I despise hype in all its forms, whether it pertains to AI or anything else in science. It's everywhere, wasting resources and taking people in. And yeah, always at the bottom of the outrageous claims and shameless hype of these money grabs - studies in mice. I can't say enough about never extrapolating from mice to humans - my response to some "great result" is always "good for the mice".

This is really good:



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