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Al's new DXA body scan

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I'm a big fan of trekking/walking poles.   When I was very disabled and couldn't walk more than a few feet unassisted without falling I found a pair of trekking poles gave me much better stability than a cane without the bulk and limitations of my walkers.  Although I've regained the ability to walk significant distances unassisted and fall probably less than once weekly, down from many times daily, I can walk farther, faster and push myself to deeper fatigue with poles while getting more of a whole body workout.   I got a nice pair of convertible poles for about $30 with quick swap tips, metal cores and round rubber for hiking and angled rubber for full stride walking, super light, folds compactly and easy to bring with when traveling by bicycle.  Despite the low cost they rank pretty high on my list of most valued possessions.

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Attached are a summary of results for the Nordic Walking Study I was in earlier this year and the follow-up DEXA scan.  I included some reference range papers for some of the tests and I am not as weak as I was when I was a participant in the first study of Louigi's on CRers.  I exercised more at the end of the study when I was still Nordic walking, was stronger, gained weight and gained a higher percent fat than lean tissue.

NW_015_Results of Performance Measures.docx

DEXA-scan8July2019 (1).pdf

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