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The thread on keto (and low carb) diet


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Posting some here. https://www.rapamycin.news/t/the-official-ketosis-veganketo-thread/4807/6

Some say increases in methylglyoxal but I don't know if this is like applicable to human studies.

#veganketo is really the cleanest form, and it's sad that so much of standard "keto" is distracted by pro-meat noise, when high-protein destroys keto.

I'm finally trying it *for real* over the past week. Keto-adaptation is the hardest (and I don't know how long it'll take). I accidentally ate "keto jam" which pushed my BG to 160 for a small period of time, but the amount of carbs was still low so it went down just as quickly.

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Low and high carbohydrate isocaloric diets on performance, fat oxidation, glucose and cardiometabolic health in middle age males


We demonstrated that a habituating to a LCHF for ≥ 4weeks in 30 to 50-years old competitive male athletes resulted in equivalent short duration, high-intensity performance without differences in calories, training load, and body composition across groups. We observed record high peak oxidation rates with elevations in cholesterol in LCHF. Interestingly, we found a 30% incidence of pre-diabetic glycemic phenotype in seemingly healthy athletes consuming a high carbohydrate diet without detectable risk factors for pre-diabetes. All individuals experienced reductions in 31-day average glucose means, median, and variability with carbohydrate restriction (LCHF) which resolved the pre-diabetic phenotype across all subjects without requiring caloric restriction, increased physical activity, or significant changes in body composition across groups. Interestingly, the average glucose during high carbohydrate consumption predicted the degree of glycemic response to carbohydrate restriction suggesting that individuals with higher starting glucose may benefit most from carbohydrate restriction. Surprisingly, we also found that the magnitude of glucose reduction during carbohydrate restriction predicted the elevation in fat oxidation rates during exercise suggesting that glucose response is linked to systemic fat oxidation. Taken together, LCHF may represent a therapeutic strategy to improve glucose levels, particularly in those at risk for diabetes, without compromising high intensity exercise performance in middle-aged athletes. Future studies should evaluate the impact of these dietary strategies in middle-aged women who are at elevated risk for cardiovascular and metabolic disease.

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On 1/10/2023 at 5:21 PM, InquilineKea said:

If you do keto + metformin+rapamycin, this may be enough to get CR lifespan benefits (+even more) without the suffering

Or, you may regret it...

There are still some serious questions about the long term effects of these drugs in healthy people, and long term keto also seems like a bad deal for most healthy people, from what I have read.

But keto is a religion for some nowadays, and an industry for others.

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I went very low-carb for a month and felt more tired and needed to sleep more. Sugar is still bad though, so I'm reducing some exposure to it, but really, I don't want to cut out on low-calorie berries and pasta sauce

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