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How long would a human live with only essential micronutrients?

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Technically, food has calories so zero is not possible. This might apply ... and good luck?!?


Perhaps your question could be phrased differently. For example, there have been efforts to achieve USRDAs - now DRI often - see:


... with a minimum amount of calories using real foods. If using supplements, everything changes. A simple multivitamin might get 90% of it done (micronutrients only).

Also, aren't there many caloric nutrients - or are those distinct from the micronutrients. E.g., amino acids, omega fats, fiber. The Wikipedia/DRI lists those as macronutrients:


So, I would think ideally you want to get all of your micronutrients with your more essential (short term, at least) macronutrients:


There may be daily meal plans/diets from members that can be dug up if that is what you want.



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On 5/4/2019 at 2:47 PM, Fernando Gabriel said:

I want to create food with 0 calories for me to eat  my whole life!

I experimented that when I was 20. The experiment failed miserably, even though I was higher than 0 calories. I got anemia, extreme weightloss and impaired digestion. Was able to recover by sheer will power.

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