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Professor David Sinclair: Can Humans Live For 1000 Years? [Modern Wisdom Podcast Interview]

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I know Sinclair has done some questionable things (the term huckster has been used) but he's also a spokesperson for the longevity research movement.  I enjoyed and wanted to link to a decent, recent interview he did, his most fervent recommendations are all free: CR, intermittent fasting, and HIIT exercise (I didn't realize until seeing this interview how much his personal practices match my own with the exception of his supplements/drugs):


Specifically at 33:06 he talks about what he does today for optimal health/longevity.  He talks about calorie restriction, which he does himself (he pretty much does it the way I do). He says CR is THE MOST IMPORTANT thing you can do right now for longevity.  He also says what you eat and how you eat are as important as how much you eat (I agree).

He takes metformin (0.5-1gm per day), NAD, resveratrol (I'm not convinced any of these are a great idea).  One funny thing he briefly mentions is his crappy Jewish genetics, he says his real name is not even Sinclair, haha.  Anyway, he says about CR that if he can do it, anyone can, and he claims metformin helps make this possible for him personally (if a person can only do CR with metformin, then I guess it makes sense).

He briefly talks about NAD, mTor, Sirtuins - all optimized by fasting/CR.  He talks about body building, testosterone, growth hormone, and more.  He even covers some of the things they've tried in the lab that failed.

At 1:00:52 he talks about his investments (building 15 companies), making money, plowing it back into the industry.  In the future when the industry achieves success, we will look back and say "Why didn't we do this much sooner?".  He also says "We're not going to stop aging anytime soon, the most we're going to see is an extra 5 or 10 years".  Talks about preserving the productivity of older people, and why population growth isn't a going to be a problem.  Talks about immortal organisms, rejuvenation, biological limits for humans - we succumb to entropy, but we know it's possible to reverse aging and reprogram genes (using virii) - but he is pretty reserved about it and thinks for every year you live you will get an extra 3 months of life via technological gains.

He is working on a book he expects to be published in September 2019 (mentioned right at the end of the interview) called "Lifespan: The Revolutionary Science of Why We Age and Why We Don't Have To"


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Thanks Gordo, I'm a uber-avid podcast listener since I do that during my threadmill sessions, my postprandial walking session, my commutes, sometimes during my sunbaths. Actually, I can hardly find enough interesting podcasts for my requirements!

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David Sinclair also has a much longer version that covers many of the same topics here on Joe Rogan's podcast. It's quite enjoyable.

Notably he also appeared on Rich Roll's podcast here too:

My apologies if these have already been shared on this forum. I've got to admit the guy looks great for his age.

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I listened to Modern wisdom and Joe Rogan and I'm going to listen to RIch Roll's podcast on my next commute.

Professor Sincalir's use of metformin at the beginning seems to be a longevity choice, whereas after a while he says his labs point out a trend of increasing blood sugar which might result in prediabetes. Also, he mentions the side effect of gastric upset, which is pretty common in people who uses metformin. And adds that the collateral effect may have been more useful than the declared effect, since he tend to overeat naturally. 

I'm curious now about resveratrol (which many say is really uneffective) and NMR, which is much.discussed but I only listened absent-mindedly to the various reports.

Everything else about genetic engineering sounds like utter science fiction to me, ignoramus about genetic manipulation. I hope he can achive some of his targets soon.



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I'm almost through with the Rich roll podcast as well. Here more details are discussed, whereas some details discussed in the other podcasts are revealed in a more clear angle. I believe that the more podcast with Sinclair as a  guest we listen to, the more useful info we are going to grasp.


The first impression is that the guy behaves pretty humbly, even if he's a big luminar in the science and a successfull entrepreneur and eminent consultant of government agencies and militaries. Also, he makes no fanatic and unbalanced statements, sticking to the either objective scientific and anecdotal facts, clearly subdividing the two. To me, that's a large thumb up.

He's a strong believer in hormesis and xenohormesis and states that diet and exercise are the single two factors which may be able to naturally prolong our lifespan by 5 or 10 years by targeting SIRT and mTOR and similar pathways.

Also, I believe that he made the right choice in wanting to test NAD boosters the pharma way. Trials are under way so there si no final answer.

The rest, is the apparently crazy progress in genetic engineering. Again, we all wish well to Dr. Sinclair research.

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After so many promises and failures over the years, it would be nice to get a small win. I think this would help with people's confidence that we can intervene in aging and even reverse it to some extent. Investors would be more likely to start taking notice as well.

I wonder if there are any plans to use multiple therapies at once?  NAD boosters, Senolytics, and whatever else.

I hope Aubrey is right


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Nice interview, I especially like his comments about the FDA toward the end, and the new ICD for "aging related" which may incentivize big pharma to become more involved.  They also talk a bit about AgeX, of which Aubrey is apparently a VP:


Note that this company has a product called AGEX-BAT1 which is supposed to "restore young and healthy brown adipose tissue (BAT) to reverse age-related metabolic imbalance."

I like the idea of a BAT booster.  They managed to get a great ticker symbol (AGE) by the way...

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I hope it works this time! Sinclair is definitely super enthusiastic and quite confident... same way as he was when he was hawking resveratrol. But hey, hope springs eternal! The other day I was talking to my friend's son, who is 20, and I made a reference to a certain trope, and I was gobsmacked that he was not familiar with it... it really told me just how old I am! Kids no longer understand references I thought everybody knew! But, anyway, I think that reference is super applicable in this thread, and since so many old people read this board, I figure everyone will get it with no problem:

Will Anti-Aging Research finally get to kick the football? "Inquiring minds want to know" (btw., this saying will soon be obscure to the young generation too, as nobody young reads magazines/print press these days lol).

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