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Benefits of crossing your legs while sitting

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I spend a fair amount of time at my desk, and I try to take breaks by walking around so as not to experience the devastating drawbacks of sedentary behavior. However, I have also noticed that when I do sit down, I almost always cross my legs pretty much immediately (at the knee). I therefore grew curious as to what the possible harms/benefits were of this habit. 

I googled around and didn’t find much, though I came across this article:


Spoiler alert, nothing earth shattering, but some minor benefits are possible. No apparent harms have been definitively shown, except possibly for those who are prone to developing clots - they should not sit for a prolonged period of time in such a position.  Of course, nobody should be sitting for a prolonged time in the first place, but I guess it’s an additional caution.

Reading about the possible benefits of crossing your legs, I wondered therefore if one shouldn’t switch up - sometimes right over left sometimes the other way around. I personally switch naturally, and find myself not preferring one way vs the other. YMMV.

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