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Reputable Online Pharmacy?


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I was wondering what online pharmacies folks are using to buy medication that is not a "controlled", i.e. I'm not taking about scheduled pain medications, or medications that can rebound to general population harm, such as antibiotics. I'm talking ordinary FDA approved medications such as acarbose or bog standard generic statins and the like. I wonder if there exist ones which are reputable in that they will actually send you the actual medication, and not some poorly made counterfeit - and the crucial requirement is that they won't make you jump through hoops with requiring prescriptions from your current physician. For example, they might have online consultation with a physician for a prescription - that is fine and expected - as long as they send you the thing you want, no further questions asked.

I'm located in California, U.S.

I'm not interested in breaking the law, or buying from pharmacies located in dodgy locations worldwide. I'd like something that is reputable and legal, even if somewhat costly. 

I'd like to be responsible for my own care, and not have to convince my PCP that I need this or that. I suppose I could engage in extensive doctor shopping, but I thought maybe there's a simpler way, because I'm not asking for any controlled medications, just very standard ones. Of course, if this is impossible, I guess I'll have to start the laborious process of finding a reasonable physician. My current one is a good guy, but extremely by the book and frankly somewhat behind the times - can't convince him of anything new past his medical school years, I can't even get him to adjust the dose on a medication I'm already taking! For example, I already take metformin and atorvastatin (insurance pays for it), but I'd like a dose adjustment and can't get it, so I'd rather buy it myself and pay for it. 

You can send me a private message if you wish. TIA!

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Best I've found is premiumrxdrugs.com, see the independent reviews here:


Takes about 3 weeks to get things (comes from India), and everything has to make it through customs (usually not an issue).  Initial account setup is a bit much (you have to send photo ID to use a credit card). But I can vouch its legit like most of the reviewers have reported.  India is home to many big generic drug manufacturers.   I would not recommend this idea to anyone that isn't responsible enough to carefully study all interactions, recommended dosages, side effects, etc.

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Thank you, Gordo for your excellent recommendation. And let me add that I agree with you 100% that one should not simply pop medication without extensive research and a very high degree of confidence. Interactions are the most obvious concern, but so is your particular health status. I would only recommend it for those who are thoroughly educated in this regard. 

I do admit to some degree of bias in favor of domestic providers, on account of worries about the quality of product - ironically even stateside providers who either import or outsource medicines made outside of the FDA supervisory regimen have been caught out by unacceptably poor quality. Indian manufacturers have been the biggest offenders. Some googling will provide scores of sources for this info. Example - which should be of concern to anyone currently taking any generics:


Personally, cost is not my primary concern (or secondary!), I’d rather pay more for assured quality.

That said l don’t have blind prejudice against Indian sources, and if a given provider has a well earned good reputation, I see no reason to withhold my custom.


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They list the manufacturer, and show pictures of both the inner and outer packaging, on their site for every item they sell.  So you can research that manufacturer.  The things i've looked at were produced by reputable, multi-billion dollar companies, some of which have US operations and US or European approval.  That's not to say counterfeiting couldn't be possible of course... 



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I used to use QHI, they were really good and reliable, until an article got published in the dailymail and then they shut down (they were going since 1995?). I tried inhousepharmacy.vu, but I was a bit worried when I received finasteride in their packets without the box or leaflet.

And I'm not sure if I want to take a chance to order other products either. Apparently, lots of people say they are fine, but I ended up getting the finasteride prescribed online from a chemist in the UK.

Unfortunately, it ends up being way more expensive... 

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I too would rather pay more and be assured I'm getting the real thing. But here's the irony: apparently the problems are so widespread that even if you are paying full price from a reputable source, you still have a big chance that you're getting something that's not up to par (see the recent cancer causing impurities in Teva blood pressure medications). So they get you either way. Paying full fare and buying stateside from the traditional sources does not eliminate risk, and the problems are increasing, in tandem with the FDA becoming ever weaker and more conflicted if not outright corrupt. The problems are so profound that there are some tentative measures to address this intolerable situation, in this case through blockchain, as this article explains:


But that's not an immediate solution to this mess. At this particular point in time, I'm afraid you pays your money and you takes your chances, pardner, like back in the day.

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