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Google's Quantum Processor May Achieve Quantum Supremacy in Months: Neven's Law - 'doubly exponential' growth.


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"While I said several months ago that we'd find a way to bring Moore's Law back, I didn't expect it to go down like this. In a new report in Quanta Magazine by Kevin Hartnett, Hartmut Neven, the director of Google's Quantum Artificial Intelligence Lab, reveals that the growth in power with each new improvement to Google's best quantum processor is unlike anything found in nature. It's growing at not just an exponential rate, like in Moore's Law, but at a doubly-exponential rate, meaning we may be mere months away from the beginning of the practical quantum computing era."


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Thanks Matt,

I have followed several 'futurist' websites for years such as FutureTimeline, SingularityHub, kurzweilAI.net, and a couple others.  The advances in hardware, robotics, sensors and various forms of AI seems staggering ... I don't understand most of the progress that is announced (or exaggerated) but simply extending Moore's law is exciting.

I'm an optimist that with AI applied to aging sciences we may soon unravel and solve our programmed death.

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Growth, blah, blah. OK. Practical quantum computing? LOL. Hype alert! 

I read a very insightful article recently, wherein it was observed that one way in which hype works is through redefining of old terms so as to be able to claim that some perennial goal has actually been reached when in fact no such thing occurred. A great example was given regarding AI - something I’ve personally observed. So you’ll read some breathless claim about “AI” being already here and being used by this that and the other, and upon closer examination you realize that all that’s happened is that the “new” process is the bog standard Expert Systems that we all already saw in action back in the 80s, just now rebranded as “AI” - and presto, we have achieved AI - tada!

The article predicted exactly the same thing would happen with “quantum computing “ , and I fully concur. So practical quantum computing in a few months? Only by the low trick of redefining - hype and more hype!

Of course, hype never dies - how many times were we on the cusp of curing cancer? Too many to count. Doesn’t stop the newest entries from politicians promising to cure cancer if only you elect them! First Biden, now Trump who in addition to cancer promises “many more diseases will be cured”. And with Trump it actually might occur through the magic of redefinition - after all, it works with his base... he promised a wall, and even though nobody is paying for it, least of all Mexico, he just claimed at his latest rally that it was already built! Just depends on how you define “wall”. Same here “oh, you’re still sick? It must not be cancer!”.

In conclusion - HYPE FOREVER!!!





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