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CR sleep ... some useful tips at last!

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Hi Dean!

My condolences on your unfortunate experience with Lyme disease.

I strongly agree with you that relaxation of body parts is very helpful in falling to sleep -- e.g. relaxing the shoulders and jaw (which I think automatically relaxes the neck?  If not, add that).  There should be little tension in any part of the body.

The same is useful before meditation.  I believe that establishing a meditation practice should help with sleep.

  --  Saul

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That "arm hole" is an interesting idea.  I also use a pillow between my legs (and I suspect that might help a person stay on their side too). I use 2 thinner pillows for my head, so my spine is perfectly straight, and then I put both hands between the two head pillows to fall asleep.  I usually fall asleep very fast.   By the way, I tried that idea Saul mentioned above about observing your thoughts - it WORKED, I thought that was very cool. 

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It helped me so I hopes this helps others: Make active work of sleeping and follow all of these steps below and make it your nr1 priority:

1) NEVER sleep in the same bed with someone else 🙂!

2) Make sure you are not worrying at night, I have a MP3 player with an audiobook. If I cannot sleep within 5 minutes I will put it on. It is extremely important to not worry. This method is better for me then Meditation because it is more distracting. With meditation it is hard to get away from daily problems.

3) NOISE wakes you up. I have had made earplugs that fit my ears perfectly: you 100% need these. With these my sleeping has improved drastically. I have a headband with 1 of these things road workers use against noise (if you sleep on your side, otherwise you can use not 1 but the whole ear protection thing). I put in my super earplugs and then the headband with the earphone thing with my earplug from the mp3 player/phone in it at top volume. This way I have the benefits of both: hardly any noise comes through and I can listen to my book so not I am not worrying. If you have noisy neighbors do not bother complaining but move right away to another house.  I rather live in a carton box under a bridge and sleep well then in a villa with noisy neighbors and the horror of every sleeper: barking dogs! See my picture for my sleeping set! 

4) Make sure you are physically tired, so make sure you have done some excercise but do not do it in the evening. 

5) Make sure you get up every day at the same time and go  to bed at the same time. Even when you slept badly get up at the same time. Do NOT sleep during the day!

6) The urine bottle that you have is very important. Especially when eating plant based without salt makes you go to the bathroom a lot at night. I have 3 of those next to my bed. Do not go to the bathroom and never put on the light at night. Just hop out of bed, do it and go to sleep again.

7) Never drink coffee, also not in the morning.


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