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Medical Doctor

Unable to go below BMI 19 without severe side effects

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Welcome Medical Doctor!

It's not abnormal. I too have always required more calories than others seem to need to maintain a reasonable BMI, even before my relatively recent practices of cold exposure and plenty of exercise.

My interpretation of the scientific literature, along with my own blood test results suggest it isn't low absolute calorie intake that triggers the beneficial CR metabolic response, but low net calories. If your diet and lifestyle are healthy and your net calorie intake keeps you thin, you are likely to enjoy whatever benefits CR has to offer humans, which may ultimately turn out to be quite modest, if you ask me. See this thread for discussion. 

In short, I wouldn't worry if you think you aren't able to cut calories enough. 


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I am with Dean on this.

But, is there an overarching benefit of aiming for BMI of 17.5. I understand it's a rough estimate, but it's likely encroaching on bone mass loss territory. What fat mass %?

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I'm among the ones apaprently requiring lots of calories just for bodyweight mantainance.  A little exercise also seems to burn a disproportionate amount of calories in my case.


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