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How many calories do you eat per day?

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21 hours ago, Fernando Gabriel said:

Average 1100


Fernando, I understand that the opinion of Parents and relatives by principle must be always questioned. But you might listen to the opinions of the members of this forum, who have an unusual and perfectionistic attitude toward proper and healty eating.

What appears from your posts though is that you may tend to anorexia and destructive undereating habits. Caloric restriction (with optimal nutrition) does not mean malnutrition.

For a young man of your age your caloric intake (if 1100 as you declared) may even stunt your growth or cause sickness like anemia and worse.

My personal suggestion is that you moderate the quality of calories, not the quantity. Eat properly, eat healthy food, for your age even 2500 or 3000 calories are not too much.

If you have no hunger, there may be various reasons and there are sure plenty of people who want to help you in your family. At the beginning, even some specific pharmaceutical drugs may help to gain appetite. Physical exercise is also great. That's vital. If you run your regime thru cronometer, you'll realize that it is a starving diet.

I suggest you do like myself and other members of the forum, who try to be lean and muscular;  to this purpose I exercise properly  and eat as many calories are necessary, sometimes up to 3000 and more per day, lots of fruit and vegetables, nuts, dairy products  and other healthy foods. And I do not get fat.

Forget caloric restriction now. Rather choose caloric discrimination.

The foolest thing you can do is to get sick and die instead of being healthy and longeve as your intention would be.





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Fernando, I agree with mccoy.

If you are under 27-28 years of age, caloric restriction is likely detrimental to your longevity and long-term health. As a male, you are still developing until about that age and it is important that you develop properly, by taking sufficient and balanced nutrients, as well as developing muscle and bone mass.

After you hit 30 or so, caloric restriction is beneficial, as you are fully mature physiologically and can then try and slow the aging process.

Generally, people start aging at different rates after they reach 30, depending on genetics and dietary and environmental conditions.

But until then, you want to make sure that you lay the best foundation you can, which goes to proper nutrition and exercise.

How old are you?

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