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I jog 4 times a week, about 50 times each session for a total of about 200 minutes a week. Recently, I've been enjoying listening to podcasts during my jogging sessions, but I don't quite have enough podcasts to listen to. So far I'm only familiar with the Peter Attia podcasts and also I can download the audio from Rhonda Patrick's youtube videos, and I've gone through their back catalogue, so I'm now rapidly approching the end of the supply from those two sources. 

Hence my question. Do you listen to, or know of good quality medically focused podcasts that are hopefully free? I am not bent on any particular focus - could be research, or practicing physician, or just a very knowledgeable host with interesting medicin-related guests. The only requirement is that it be a reasonably in depth discussion, not the 101 level stuff and "lose weight" or other gimmicky low-info entertainment shallow stuff. Good quality, in depth is my preference. 

Do you have any favorites? TIA!

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Chris Masterjohn's podcasts on the minutiae of nutrition science are pretty in depth. His Mastering nutrition series is very advised, I usually choose a youtube video, even though I only listen to it.

What I liked better of his series so far is the part on nutrition in neuroscience, 2 installements, which is simply outstanding AFAIK. He studied the foremost treatise on neurology to gain an insight on the functionality of the nervous system, and from there he explains how nutrition influences the various aspects of the system, with full detail of the metabolic processes. Simply amazing, the knowledge I gained from these episodes is such that I'm going to listen to them again, some details deserve to be grasped to their full extent. 

The other parts on single micronutrients also exhibit a deep attention to detail and scientific literature.


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Yeah, I forgot, yes, I listened to Chris, and indeed he's super detailed and knowledgeable (I found him through Peter Attia's podcast). It's definitely interesting, but I remain wary of some of his recommendations - it seems he does not really focus on longevity, but rather on high functionality. As an example of that, is his strong belief in supplementing with choline, especially for those who are MTHFR inefficient (as I am apparently genetically, though no tests show any ill effects, like homocysteine etc.) - but even though he deals with some of the research around possible TMAO negatives, there is new research showing pretty consistently bad effects for all cause mortality. In other words, you may function strongly but not "longly" with his recs. I just feel that while he is unmatched in his focus on the trees, he's rather ignoring the forest. YMMV. Still, yes, definitely interesting and informative. Thank you, mccoy!

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Of course, CM has his personal ideas on optimal nutrition (he supports the consumption of organ meats) but across the board is pretty objective and encompasses in his suggestion vegan and vegetarian regimens.

Re: choline, Masterjohn gives quite a few alternatives if I'm not wrong, like improve the methylation requirements or consume TMG/betaine.

Last time I had a blood check my homocysteine was high, so I'm curious if all the countermeasures I undertook were effective.

Back to the podcast, I've started listening to the nutrition in neuroscience series a second time. Pretty deep and pretty heavy as well. Probably best digested in small meals!

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