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Memory T cells shelter in bone marrow with restricted diets

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Memory T cells shelter in bone marrow, boosting immunity in mice with restricted diets

Discusses how immunity is maintained while calories are restricted.

"... previously observed that fat tissue harbors memory T cells in mice. They investigated whether this phenomenon helped preserve immune memory when calorie intake was reduced. To investigate, they restricted the diet of mice previously given full access to food. While receiving less food, mice had fewer memory T cells in their lymphoid tissues, where they normally linger, and more of the T cells in bone marrow that became enriched with fat tissue."


"Mice with restricted diets had more robust memory T cell responses and were better protected from illness. The researchers repeated this experiment using a vaccine that trains immune cells to fight melanomas and found that memory T cells were more protective against tumors in mice receiving less food."



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The Bone Marrow Protects and Optimizes Immunological Memory during Dietary Restriction
Nicholas Collins,Seong-Ji Han,Michel Enamorado,Verena M. Link,Bonnie Huang,E. Ashley Moseman,Rigel J. Kishton,John P. Shannon,Dhaval Dixit,Susan R. Schwab,Heather D. Hickman,Nicholas P. Restifo,Dorian B. McGavern,Pamela L. Schwartzberg,Yasmine Belkaid
Calorie restriction triggers memory T cell homing to the bone marrow to promote survival and enhanced protective function.

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