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Longevity Biomarkers


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Trawling for biomarkers, trawling for cash. I guess we'll see a lot of things like this going forward:


"The scientists then applied the discovered biomarkers to search for other interventions with the same effect on their activity and, therefore, a high potential for lifespan extension. In their work, the researchers identified several such treatments, including chronic hypoxia and chemical compounds, such as the antioxidant ascorbyl palmitate and the mTOR inhibitor, KU-0063794.

"Currently, we are validating these hits by testing their effect on the lifespan of mice. We hope that our biomarkers will significantly facilitate the search for new longevity interventions and help improve the health-span and lifespan in rodents and, in the long term, in humans," says Alexander.

In addition to their scientific research, the scientists developed GENtervention, an application that offers fast and user-friendly tools for investigating the associations between the activity of individual genes and longevity."

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