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Previously I posted, or maybe just hinted at a banana+cacao recipe (KUNANA), based on mashed bananas together with unprocessed cacao powder. This BANAO recipe is a variation of it, where greenish bananas are simply cut in adequate slices and abundantly sprinkled with unprocessed cacao powder. The bitter powder balances the sweetish taste of bananas in an exquisite fashion. Best way to prepare it is to pour a thick layer of cacao on a plate, slice the bananas, shake the plate.


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that looks good! I tried making the "traditional" kunana recipe before, of mashing bananas and boiling with cacao, and the result came out less than palatable.

Lately, i've been just making hot cacao, with a large tablespoon of cacao, hot water, ceylon cinnamon, and dark honey.

I can however, highly recommend this product, if you are able to track it down on amazon or anywhere near you. Raw cacao nibs with yacon syrup. https://www.alovitox.com/products/certified-organic-cacao-nibs (prices will likely be cheaper from other companies, amazon, or ebay).

I'm not sure of the origins of this product but i've seen multiple companies selling it, all with raw organic criollo cacao nibs and organic yacon syrup. I can't imagine it has roots in tradition. I assume the yacon syrup is essentially inulin, because these have the same pure sweetness that inulin/cane sugar both have, perfectly masking any bitterness or catechin astringency. By far the best healthy chocolate that i've tried, considering no stevia/monk fruit, it's sugar free, and has the addition of prebiotic yacon.

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