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Erin Devereux

Increasing nutrient density in a child's diet

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Does anyone else here have advice on increasing fruit and vegetable consumption in children or if there are some key foods/nutrients I should make sure they have? My kids already love fattier nutritious foods like egg yolks, salmon and grass fed milk. They are also fans of cut crunchy veggies and fruit. We'll do a smoothie with kale, spinach, carrots, peaches, berries and flax milk with collagen that they really like. They will often skip any cooked veggies with the exception of green beans and or any type of squash. I supplement with a multivitamin that is mostly bioavailable, they also get fish oil and an occasional probiotic. Do you have any specific tips or recipes that your kids love or you think children may like?  

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Sounds like you’ve covered almost everything- that’s pretty impressive to have children eating what you have already described.

A couple of other ‘must consume’ foods on my list are nuts; in particular walnuts and almonds.  1oz (1/4cup) of mixed nuts per day will get the job done.

Next item is a form of cooked tomato or food that contains tomato paste for bioavailable lycopene.  Salsa and even V8 juice are decent to this end.

 I also think ground flaxseed is very useful- loaded with ALA form of omega 3’s, fibre, minerals- you can sprinkle this on cereal or sneak it into pancake mix and kids don’t seem to mind.

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