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Does CR help with physical pain?

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If I burn my hand on a hot stove, does being CR'd (via the neuro-chemical effects of CR) help or "hurt" with physical pain?

"Neuro-chemical effects of CR" aside, in Mailing List discussions from years ago, I (and others) commented that being CR'd may work against pain relief. E.g., fat insulates flesh and nerves from physical impacts and hot/cold surfaces. Further, slower wound healing means more time under the "pain area curve". OTOH, practitioner reports of fewer (or milder) headaches, etc., means less area. 

A recent paper in Nature reported relationships between immunity and pain. Because of CR's impact on immunity and because of the HUGE financial market (and incentives) for pain medication, it would be interesting to note CR vs. pain effects. Does anyone know of such specific research? 


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Anecdotal only - one rat report - when I'm more strongly CR'd I experience fewer pain episodes. Since being a teenager I've had headaches - once every two weeks, regularly. If more strongly CR'd I can go 8-10 weeks without a headache, and when I get one, it's mild. Whether that qualfies as less pain per se, or just fewer physiological malfunction episodes (headaches) is not clear. Again, anecdotally, it does seem that I feel less hurt when I bump against something or cut myself when more strongly CR'd.

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