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How to wean into a cr diet


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Hi all,

I would like to wean into a cr diet asap but am currently fasting for a month for weight loss... how should I begin to wean into a cr diet after a fast??


In most cases, people would be weaning on from 2000+ calories a day but I would be weaning on from a month of zero after being 5'2" and 200+ lbs for years eating 2000+ calories per day...


My goal is longevity and I'd rather take it slow so as not to mess it up but how slow should I go and what's a good calorie target for the beginning of the year... I say this because I know going cr cold Turkey will actually DECREASE longevity!!


Any and all help would be appreciated!!



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This seems contradictory. You seem to understand that too much calorie restriction too fast decreases longevity. But a month long fast is calorie restriction in the extreme.

I'm pro-fasting, but I think weaning from 2000 calories a day is the much gentler path here.

I posted this in the other thread, but I'll post it here too.



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@Thomas G I read your post in another thread and I'm wondering: what went wrong in your fast that caused you to stop. I have fasted so many times and NEVER felt ANY different with the exception of mild hunger when I smelled food and extreme boredom. I only felt sick one time when I fasted, which was, oddly enough, on my most recent fast after I decided to sneak in a green tea that upset my stomach and made me nauseous.

I truly appreciate the video you posted and it's nice to learn that you're pro-fasting. Every time I fast I feel so much better. I sometimes secretly wish I could be on a permanent fast for life. It makes me feel amazing! Mental clarity, calm alertness and improved mood are among my favorite feelings I get when fasting. I honestly don't know why fasting works so easily for some people and others have such problems with it. I would have never imagined so many people would have died so quick from fasting as said in the video. I have watched a woman do a 120-day fast and read about a man who fasted for over a year and due to my experience fasting, never feeling sick was very driven to start a fast immediately.

This video scares me. Really makes me think twice about fasting and certainly supplementing with electrolytes and a multivitamin while fasting. I don't wanna die and honestly was never worried about it until I watched the video and saw how quickly and unexpectedly people died. I could go JUST LIKE THAT with NO WARNING.

While I want to believe that I can listen to my body and figure out if anything crazy will happen, I don't know if that's true. I will certainly be researching as much as I can over the next 6 months until I find out if fasting is a healthy option for me. I have planned a 30-day fast for years now, my longest fast yet, mid-year 2020 from June 20, 2020-July 20, 2020. I REALLY wanna do this and I know it probably seems like such a slap in the face to you after your taking the time to post the video and having a genuine concern for my health, but I still may go ahead and do it.

I can promise you, however, that I will be much more educated and ready for a fast of this length by then, if and when, I do decide to do it. You say you're pro-fasting so I just thought I'd share. I would look forward to chatting with you once a month or so, if you'd like, when I post what I have read in my research about fasting and what I have seen in practice by other members of the water fasting group I am a member of on facebook. Your input, more than anyones, would be greatly appreciated. You seem on the cautious side, and it would be a shame if anything serious ever did happen to me just because I want to go through what some people claim "cleanses your system".

If you decide to fast again, I wish you best of luck. I have done it so many times I have lost count like it's nothing and never felt different. I hope you can find a way to fast without adverse health effects and feeling sick. Fasting can be magical and I hope you find a way to experience what I have through fasting. And, if, after all fasting is not all that healthy or not all that, I hope for both our sakes, we both stop before it's too late!


All the best!


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I'm not really sure what is going on with my body when I am fasting. The fasts all seemed reasonably short for me, I was mainly doing five day water only fasts.

Part of it might be that I was eating calorie restricted before the fast.

But the truth is I don't really know because I wasn't medically supervised. I wasn't getting my blood drawn. I bet if I had, they would be able to pinpoint what the issue was.

The fast that was the absolute worst for me was one where I was trying to be deliberate about drinking a lot of water. I think that may have really done a number on my electrolytes.

When I fast even a day or two I start getting light headed and dizzy when I stand up. Even on normal CR days I get that a little bit.

I would like to do a fast again soon. In fact I was thinking about doing one later this week just for three days. But I probably should make an appointment with a doctor and talk to them about it first.

For the last couple of years I've cut my fasts down to three days because it isn't until the fourth day that I start to go downhill. By day five I feel downright sick, like I'm fighting off the flu or something. My head gets foggy and I'm not able to be as productive as I need to be.

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@Thomas G It's a shame fasting can come so easy to some people and be so difficult for others. I'm glad to hear you're going to give fasting another go as I feel like fasting has worked miracles for me. If all you can handle is 3-5 days then so be it. If you're body's telling you no then why fight it. I've done 20-day fasts but honestly don't see what the big deal is. If someone can only handle 3-5 days at a time, that is just as impressive if that's what they're body is telling them is enough. If you're interested, I'm going to start a video diary on youtube early next year and start the year eating 2000 calories per day then cut the diet by 20 calories a week until I have reached a point that I think is healthy. I hope you'll watch it. I'm going to fast for 12 hours twice a day (eating at 8:00AM and 8:00PM). The CR Way book suggests eating a large breakfast, moderate lunch and no dinner, fasting for a major portion of the day. I feel like ANYONE can do this type of fasting, and once I reach my goal calories per day, I will switch to this method for optimal health. May I ask you: Do you fast for a portion of the day or only fast separately, for days at a time. It is not hard for me to call off food for 10 days all together but fasting every day consistently as an everyday practice is something different entirely that I need to get used to.

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