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Resveratrol latest tips from sinclair

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I've listened to the latest podcast of Rhonda Patrick with Dave Sinclair (has it been posted anywhere else? I'm not aware of it ).

I found this one maybe a little different from the others. Among the others, one very useful tip is the fact that resveratrol powder is very susceptible to light and heat and degrades in warm temperatures and in the presence of humidity. This made me ruminate... The supplement goes from the production facility to the warehouse/distributor's shelf. How long does it remain on the shelves? In which temperatures? With which likelihood it starts to degrade? Then it hits our homes. How long do we keep it and in which conditions?

Considering that resveratrol should be kept in the freezer or fridge just after manufacturing, it's easy to understand that in many cases it constitutes just a placebo when it is ingested by the final consumer.

Beyond that, it's interesting to hear yet again about NAD, NMN, NR.... If I'm not wrong Sinclair ceased to be involved into supplements development and is into drugs development (NMN is an example, but I didn't know that it is a prescription drug).


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